DES MOINES, Iowa — Java Joe’s CoffeeHouse suddenly closed its flagship downtown Des Moines location in November after nearly 30 years of operation, but fans of the location got to say a proper goodbye on Sunday.

The business opened its doors one last time to show off the items it has for sale in its online auction. Owner Tim Brehm said he is excited to see pieces of the old Java Joe’s, which includes everything from the coffee makers to the wall decorations, spread throughout the community.

“There’s so many cool things here and so many stories behind everything here,” Brehm said. “It’s important for it to be preserved and given another life.”

While some people came to scope out potential purchases, Alex Kos simply came to pay his last respects to the location. Kos said he was a teenager when Java Joe’s first opened, and the coffee house soon became an integral part of his high school years.

“When something’s a part of your childhood, it feels like there’s a deeper importance there,” Kos said. “I just imagine being here with my friends. I started coming here and it felt like it had always been there…it felt like it was always going to be.”

Kos decided to take his daughters to Java Joe’s to show them how much the coffee house meant to him as a kid.

“They played in the little small room area, just like I did,” Kos said. “It seemed like a fun thing that they could form a memory of to help connect the lineage.”

Java Joe’s lineage lives on through its sole surviving location in Ankeny. Brehm believes that the original location, which hosted hundreds of concerts as well as numerous national political appearances during caucus season, has left behind a large legacy in Des Moines.

“It was an opportunity for different people to come in and have a conversation,” Brehm said. “Between shows and poetry and open mic nights, there’s a lot of cool memories.”

The online auction for the Java Joe’s items closes at 10 a.m. on Monday.