A Look Inside Iowa DOT’s Traffic Management Center

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ANKENY, Iowa — Construction and summer travel can cause major headaches for metro drivers, but a small office in Ankeny is working “24/7” to reduce the pain.

The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Traffic Management Center sits in the basement of 6310 S.E. Convenience Blvd in Ankeny. Inside, you’ll find staff carefully watching a 40-foot monitor displaying video feeds from cameras all over the state. In total, there are almost 380 traffic cameras and they all play a part in keeping us safe.

”Without an operations center, such as this one, basically you would not have the information that you would need to make informed decisions,” said Bonnie Castillo, Iowa Department of Transportation. “We put all of our information on, whether it’s a construction event, a crash or slow traffic. We put all that information out for the public to consume when making decisions.”

In just a matter of minutes of an incident, the crew can update social media, reroute traffic, contact local law enforcement, and change road signs for the public. All of this plays a pivotal part in keeping us safe.

“We hope to alleviate the situation before it causes a crash, then we’ve have done our job in the center.  We do not want to see secondary crashes or crashes. We are constantly monitoring cameras, looking for situations that are we can alleviate,” said Castillo.

You can access any of their cameras at the 511 website or even on the mobile app.

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