‘A Kids Play About Racism’ Continues the Conversation Within Families

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DES MOINES, Iowa — It has been a quiet year for the Des Moines Performing Arts Center, but this weekend they are making some noise by promoting a free virtual performance called “A Kids Play About Racism.”

“We know many parents have had eyes opened about the importance of having those conversations early with their children but maybe don’t know the way in. And this is a way that they can sit down and they can watch this performance together, and then have that shared experience as a launching point for ongoing conversation and taking those abstract ideas and making them more tangible,” Des Moines Performing Arts Education Manager Karoline Meyers said.

The online play features professional actors from all over the country who represent different emotions. The child at the center of the story learns how to articulate all the different feelings surrounding racism in his life.

This play is recommended for kids between the ages of three and 12.

After you have watched the play, Des Moines Performing Arts has a 30-page PDF that is broken down by age groups to help continue the conversation.

They have also partnered with Run DSM, an after-school arts program, to hold a free workshop for second through fifth graders this Sunday.

“We’ll do some other activities that are really age appropriate with spoken word as students really kind of reflect on what they’ve watched, and then create their own pieces of writing about what makes them unique and special and their identities as they think about how they relate to the issue,” Meyers said.

The workshop is Sunday at 9 a.m. Go to the Des Moines Performing Arts website to register for the workshop. That’s also where you will find a link to “A Kids Play About Racism,” which is only free Aug. 1 and 2.

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