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Sheila Lynch has been waiting for this day for more than a year, ever since Randy Moore killed her daughter, TereseAnn.

“What you did to my daughter was evil, hateful and despicable,” said Lynch during the victim’s impact statement she read during Moore’s sentencing Friday. “You couldn’t destroy her spirit, so you took her life instead.”

Moore kidnapped, raped and murdered his estranged wife on November 11, 2009, a month after she’d left Moore and filed a protective order against him. Moore also shot Des Moines Police Officer, Todd Roland as he responded to the cries for help coming from the apartment the couple once shared.

“There is no way to convey how much TereseAnn is missed, but she lives on in the hearts of her family and her friends and her son,” said Lynch. Her gaze did not waver from Moore, not even when he interrupted her.

“Read the journals. She hated you. She hated you. You’re a loser,” Moore shouted at Sheila Lynch.

Moore also got the opportunity to make a statement prior to sentencing. For more than ten minutes, he tried to justify murdering the mother of his son.

“I have not one ounce of remorse for TereseAnn’s death. It could have all been prevented if you’d let me see my kid. Now you’re never going to see her again,” said Moore to the Lynch family, seated behind him.

Moore did apologize to his family and Officer Roland, but he prefaced the apology with a claim, “Todd, I could have killed you. I could have shot you 25 times. I chose not to.”

At times, Moore’s remarks drew gasps from those in the courtroom.

“I hope there’s more cases just like this, where people don’t want to let their spouses see their kids,” said Moore. “I hope it happens more and more.”

Judge Joel Novak warned the court he might cross the line of judicial propriety while responding to Moore.

“I just can’t believe what I’ve heard. I’m really glad you had the right of allocution,” said Novak. “If anyone didn’t know what a piece of work you are before you started talking, they know it now.”

Novak sentenced Moore to three life sentences for the crimes against TereseAnn Lynch – Moore and 25-years in prison for shooting Officer Roland. He ordered the sentences be served consecutively to underscore the severity of the crime and Moore’s disregard for the law.

“You give new meaning to the word evil. I’ve never seen anything like you and I hope I never see anyone like you again,” said Novak. “And the defendant has no remorse whatsoever. The court doesn’t allow me to punish you any more than I am now. If I could, I would.”

Following sentencing, outside of the courtroom, a tearful Sheila Lynch said the day went better than she could have dreamed. Today, her daughter’s killer is sent away and her family moves forward.

“TereseAnn was a very, very loving, giving person and she’s still here with me every day. I know sometimes she hugs me and pats me on the shoulder and says it’s all right. And we go on from there.”