A/C companies helping people beat the heat, facing pandemic shortages


DES MOINES, Iowa — Even before the first official day of summer, local A/C companies have been busy servicing furnaces and air conditioning units.

Des Moines Heating & Cooling Owner Craig Beveridge says the ramp-up in business typically happens a month earlier, but it’s the weather that determines its schedule.

“When it’s extremely hot or extremely cold, it’s stressing the equipment out because it has longer run times. Longer run times mean failures. So when it gets really hot, the pressures in the systems go high which makes everything work harder.”

At one point his crew of four was so busy, they had to schedule customers a couple of weeks out. As they’re getting caught up with their workload, Beveridge advises people to do preventative maintenance with equipment and think about their air conditioning before summer hits.

“It seems like when the temperature changes, it changes quickly. So there’s a time where we can’t really look at your unit and do a good job,” Beveridge said. “So it needs to be at least 60 degrees, they say 60-65, and that way we can get your equipment ready for the summer and it doesn’t go down when it’s extremely hot.”

Beveridge says the pandemic has caused some equipment shortages, but thankfully his company works with a few distributors in town to get what it needs.

As people wait to get their equipment serviced, Beveridge advises them to change the filter or clean off the outside of the system which can sometimes provide some relief.

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