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DES MOINES, Iowa–  A B-17 bomber from World War II made a stop in Des Moines Sunday.

One of its passengers was Fred Kuntz, a 94-year-old veteran who flew B-17’s during the war. The veteran got the chance to ride in it, and the plane is one of only 12 remaining airworthy B-17s.

“Well we took it down over Winterset, that’s my home town and that was a treat,” Kuntz said.

Kuntz sat tail gunner and completed 50 missions aboard B-17s.

“We delivered about 130 to 150 tons of bombs on this one airplane,” Kuntz said.

According to The Liberty Foundation, in total, B-17s dropped more than 600,000 tons of bombs from 1939-1945.

“This is awesome, I am a huge World War II buff and when I learned this was going to be here I thought this was the perfect opportunity for the community and city to come out and take a look at one,” Des Moines resident Tom Overholser said.

World War II is long over, but it’s days like this people are grateful.

“Well it’s a beautiful day and I’m glad they were able to bring the B-17 to Des Moines,” Des Moines resident Steve Mayer said.

An organization called the Liberty Foundation owns the B-17, the plane will be at the Indianapolis International Airport starting next week.