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URBANDALE, Iowa — A 9-year-old girl and her friends have raised more than $130,000 selling friendship bracelets.

They are using the money to help businesses and families in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. She was here in Iowa on Saturday with her family selling even more.

“We were out on the driveway making bracelets and my friend said that we should do a bracelet stand. And my mom said that we should give them to families in need,” said Kamryn Johnson, who started the Bracelet Bunch.

At $5 a bracelet, Kamryn and her friends didn’t think they would make much money. But after her father made an announcement on a local Minnesota radio station, the donations started pouring in.

Then the bracelet production became a full family business with different pop-up stands across the Minneapolis metro.

Their pop-up Saturday was their first one outside the state.

“We have been selling in different communities and trying to unite communities together in this, so at this point it’s like way less about the money and way more about how can we do justice, act justly and build unity in the midst of all the division that’s happening in the world right now,” said Shani Johnson, Kamryn’s mother.

There will be another pop-up stand at 2570 Woodland Court in West Des Moines on Sunday, July 26 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.