82 Year-Old Grandmother “Brutally” Assaulted in Kelley Home Invasion


Kelley, Iowa water tower. (WHO-HD)

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KELLEY, Iowa — A home invasion in Kelley ended with an 82 year-old victim in the hospital for a week, and police searching for the three men who they say committed the crime.

Neighbors describe Patricia Kyle as a kind, friendly woman. They were shocked when they heard she was beaten by three men who police say broke into her home at around 11:30 p.m. on August 23rd.

The Story County Sheriff’s Department would not describe the specifics of her injuries, but called the beating of the retired school bus driver “brutal”.

“We do believe robbery was part of the motive” said Capitan Barry Thomas.

The attack has left neighbor Pat Kennedy wondering what kind of people would attack commit a crime like this.

“I mean heavens sakes, holy cow…” she said.

Kennedy says the shocking crime has people in town locking their doors.

“Because that’s a scary situation, I mean when someone comes in and does all this…I don’t know…it makes you stop and think, and then count your blessings” said Kennedy.

Police say even in a normally safe town to not take a low crime rate for granted.

“In the smaller communities we sometimes get a sense of security that may not always be accurate. So, it’s always best for folks no matter if you live in a small town or a bigger town, take the precautions necessary to protect yourself, keep your residence locked up, be aware of your environment” said Thomas.

Police say they are actively pursuing leads into the three men but aren’t releasing further information.

“We are doing all due diligence as we have to do to develop probable cause for arrest, but we doing all that we can to make sure we bring these individuals to justice” said Thomas.

According to a family member Kyle is now out of the hospital and recovering.  A GoFundMe page to raise money for a home security system and a three-year service contract has already hit its goal.

Additionally, the Story County Sheriff’s Office asks if anyone has information regarding the case to let them know by submitting it through crimestoppersofcentraliowa.com  


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