4-year-old Des Moines Boy Helps Clean up the City, Loves Doing it


DES MONIES, Iowa — A neighborhood in Des Moines’ southside got extra help cleaning up debris from the derecho, but it wasn’t from anyone employed to do so.

That’s where you’ll find 4-year-old Enzo, decked out in his neon-yellow safety vest, parading around the street with his mother and grandmother, cleaning up trash.

His mom, Candace Alvarez, said since Enzo was young, he was particularly fixated on garbage he would see lying around — just about everywhere.

“He said ‘why is it there?’ and ever since then he’ll say ‘Mommy there’s trash, we gotta go get it now,” she said.

Alvarez and her mother, Dena Wallace, said even though he has an unusual passion for picking up bottles and straws he’ll see in the street, they try to teach him that he should not have to, because people should properly dispose of their garbage.

Nonetheless, from dawn until dusk, Enzo will merrily prance around the neighborhood, cleaning up whatever he can find and putting a smile on others’ face while doing so.

“We would have never thought it but he just absolutely loves it. He gets so happy and excited and tells all the neighbors about it,” Wallace said. “He’s just been a sweetheart from day one.”


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