3rd Congressional District Convention Changes Location

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The Third Congressional District special nomination is two weeks from today, however the Republican Party made last minutes changes to conventions location.

GOP Chairman, Danny Carroll, says the events original location,Creston High School, was too small. Creston is the Third District’s most central location. The convention has since moved to Des Moines Christian High School in Urbandale.

The six candidates say they are okay with the new location however some wish the convention would be held a week earlier, on June 14th.

Candidate Robert Cramer’s campaign manager released this statement to channel 13 saying in part, “We felt selecting a nominee on the same day as the State Convention would have been best for the delegates and whoever the eventual nominee is.”

Cramer wasn’t the only candidate who urged Carroll to move up the event. Brad Zaun, Matt Schultz, David young and Joe Grandanette also wished for an earlier nomination. However, Monte Shaw, was the only candidate to disagree with the proposed earlier start date.

“To think that you can put a full day’s State Convention and a full day’s District Convention on the same day, just doesn’t work. I wish it did,” says Shaw.

513 delegates are responsible for nominating a candidate on convention day. Former GOP Chairman, Matt Strawn, says keeping the event scheduled for June 21st allows candidates enough time to prepare for the convention.

“It will give these candidates another couple of weeks to make their case to the delegates and it really advantages the candidates and campaigns that are most organized.”

The convention will be held at Des Moines Christian High School on June 21st.


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