3 Tips on Making a Healthy Smoothie

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DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s a simple phrase, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but with constantly busy lives, we often forget.

An easy way to start your day off right is to make a smoothie.

We tracked down a nutrition expert from Campbell’s Nutrition for advice on how to make the perfect smoothie.

Kaley Gibb has been in the clean eating business for almost 20 years, so he knows a thing or two about a good smoothie.

What are common mistakes people make when they whip together a smoothie?

“The biggest mistake I see is people use too much sugar,” said Gibb. “You see them put in fruit juice as a base. That is old school. Also, they don’t use enough fiber. There is fiber in fruit but you need more to slow down the digestive process. Another thing, is people use too much dairy. There is a lot of natural sugar in milk. Just try to keep that sugar count low. You will get the sugar from fruit already.”

What are essentials ingredients that should be in your smoothie?

“Greens like kale, fruit, fiber and a high quality protein. Well, the fiber helps with your body to absorb the nutrients. The antioxidants from the fruits and greens help our bodies fight disease. Another thing I would recommend is to eat some fiber, like a piece of toast before you drink your smoothie. When we slam a smoothie in the morning our body doesn’t always have a enough time to process it. Some fiber beforehand will help absorb the nutrients,” said Gibb.

How can you trick your children into taking part in this healthy habit?

“Have them help you make the smoothies. Try to minimize the amount of green they can see. The greener the smoothie the harder it will be to get them to eat it. Try to make it blue or red. Just add more fruit. You can hide that green in strawberries or blueberries,” said Gibb.


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