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JASPER COUNTY, Iowa — Two adults and one child went to the hospital over the weekend after trying to break up a dog fight in rural Jasper County.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Aug. 6 at approximately 9:30 a.m. from the 14000 block of Fame Avenue near Colfax.

“I actually threw myself onto her dogs because I knew my dogs would not bite me,” said Dave Woody.

Woody says he did everything he could to stop his four pit bulls from attacking two dogs in the neighborhood. Authorities say the animals were walking by his home with their owner, a woman whose name has not been released.

A Rottweiler survived, but a rat terrier died in the attack. Woody says one of his dogs was also injured.

“I would get one of mine off and her’s would come and mine would go back. It was ongoing. It was horrible,” Woody said.

Woody’s stepson suffered minor injuries trying to restrain the dogs. Woody has 17 puncture wounds on his arm and right hand where he tried to separate the dogs. Doctors had to perform emergency surgery to reattach part of his lip.

A neighbor came to the woman’s aid and got her safety, but not before she was seriously hurt trying to save her dogs.

“Both of her dogs are extremely well-behaved. There’s never any issue when we pass each when we go walking,” said Mike Chiodo.

Chiodo described the area as a kid and pet-friendly neighborhood. He was walking his two dogs that morning but didn’t hear about the attack until later that day.

“If it would have been a kid is just terrifying,” he said.

The four pit bulls were taken into custody and are now in quarantine at the Jasper County Animal Rescue League.

“I wish it wouldn’t have happened,” said Woody.

The Sheriff’s Office says it won’t comment until after the investigation is complete and possible charges are filed in the case