DE SOTO, Iowa — The City of De Soto is set to vote in next week’s city elections, but they have one problem. Right now they have three At-Large council seats open and only one candidate.

Dustin Padget has stepped up to run, but that still leaves two seats, with no one running.

“I’ve tried to recruit some candidates,” said Mayor Mitch Crozier. “I can’t really campaign for them, but I could recruit them and talk to them about doing it. Now would be a great time if you’ve got any idea, at all, if you would like to get involved with the city.”

According to the Dallas County Auditor’s Office, the De Soto council race is the only race where there are open seats with no candidates to fill them.

Mayor Crozier is in his second year as mayor. He served eight years as a city councilman in the 1990’s. He said this situation is very unique.

“I haven’t seen this in the 36 years I’ve lived here. It’s not real common for it to happen around here,” said Crozier. “Generally we’ve got enough people that want to be involved that we don’t have this issue.”

Crozier said when he served on the council, the first four years were a learning experience. After that, the next four years he felt he really got things done. Now, the town has completed a new water treatment plant and they’re working to get more homes built.

Crozier said the town of roughly 1,000 residents is growing slowly, with the new homes and new businesses going in.

“You have to be dedicated to it,” said Crozier. “I’ll tell you that right now it’s a lot of fun in a lot of ways, and you get an education out of it.”