BOONE, Iowa — The Farm Progress Show got underway Tuesday at the Expo Grounds just east of Boone. The 2.5-inch rain over the weekend helped to settle the dirt but did not contribute to the cancellation of the field harvest and tillage demos. The problem was the corn was planted late into April, due to wet weather then. Farm Progress leaders thought it best to forego the field demos.

“We’re just better not destroying seven-dollar corn just for the sake of having a bad demonstration,” said Matt Junmann, Farm Progress Show Manager.  “We had 2.5 inches and that was welcome, that makes for some pain we got through it now it’s a beautiful day here.”

Paving the roads at the Expo grounds, and putting in storm sewers paid off this year.

“After 2.5 inches of rain Saturday night, if we didn’t have these roads in storm sewer drainage system we would have destroyed this place before its first visit visitor ever set foot in here,” said Jungmann.

One Farm Progress vendor has no problem with wet roads, it flies above them. The Aero Tech Drone by RYSE Technology is a full-sized drone, which one adult can ride on and fly. It can fly for 25 minutes on a full charge, it travels 63 miles per hour, and there is no pilot’s license or drone operator license required. The unit is an experimental aircraft, and no FAA approval is required. The thought is that farmers might use it as a means of keeping an eye on crops in distant fields.

“One of the notions this is you can see in three dimensions but the drone can only see what your camera pointing at so you might miss something valuable when flying,” said Mick Kowitz, of RYSA. “Even over a smaller farm, the value will be able to see detail, where you are, is really important and to be able to land to be able to assess the situation by foot.”

The Farm Progress Show will continue Wednesday and Thursday.