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DES MOINES, IOWA — The Animal Rescue League in Des Moines is caring for two dogs found near death in deplorable conditions last month. The two dogs – Amilia and Scappy – were found locked in kennels with no food or water in an abandoned apartment on the south side of Des Moines late last month. The dogs are still being nursed back to health while their former owner faces criminal charges.

  • Courtesy: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

In a news release, the ARL says the dogs were found near death and severely underweight. The two ‘large-breed’ dogs weighed just 22 pounds each. Their bones were clearly visible through their skin. According to the release, the dogs had been left alone for so long that they had nothing left in their digestive tracts. They estimate the dogs would have died within hours had they not been found. The dogs are now on a refeeding program under medical direction.

The dogs’ former owner, 20-year-old Raevon Teel, is charged with two counts of Animal Neglect.

The ARL is accepting donations online to pay for the cost of the dogs’ care.