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18-Year-Old Tests Positive for COVID-19


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — For months we’ve been hearing that the COVID-19 virus will only affect the older population with underlying conditions. Now we know that is not always the case.

“I definitely did have a false sense of security, I never thought I would get it,” 18-year-old Dimitri Mitchell said.

Mitchell started developing symptoms after he went on a trip with close friends at the beginning of March.

“At first it started out with a cough, but it started getting worse and worse, I was coughing up tons of mucus. But then one night, that’s the night I went to the emergency room, I started getting fevers and I started sweating a lot,” Mitchell said.

“He did not look like himself, his eyes were so puffy and swollen. He was very fatigued, barely could talk, I had never seen my son so sick, I was so scared,” Mitchell’s mother Irena Yoder said.

Yoder had a sinking feeling.

“I didn’t believe it because everyone was saying it’s just for older people but in my heart, my intuition, was telling me this is what it is, I knew from very beginning,” Yoder said.

She asked if the hospital could test him for COVID-19.

“She said no they cannot because he is underage of 60, he’s not qualified, even being sick like this,” Yoder said.

Yoder called the 211 public health number and they granted permission for Dimitri to get the test

It was positive and they were sent home to drink lots of fluids.

“Dimitri is recovering, yes, we are very happy,” Yoder said.

But now… Yoder is sick…

“We cough so much, and it’s deep and dry, I feel like a fine broken glass going through my throat, deep in my chest and it burns like a fire, this is the feeling,” Yoder said.

So, for now both of them are isolating in their rooms, not even letting the dogs in.

“One of my dogs, he misses Dimitri so much, he sits by Dimitri’s door and he is so sad,” Yoder said.

Just waiting for the virus to pass and hoping everyone is staying safe.

“Make sure you’re practicing all the social distancing guidelines and things like that and don’t underestimate it because it’s here, it’s real and it doesn’t mess around, you can get seriously affected by it,” Mitchell said.

Both Dimitri and his mom Irena say they are on the mend and that symptoms last about two to three weeks. They both still have a slight cough but no longer have fevers.


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