16-Year-Old Among Four Facing Murder Charges in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police believe they know why 23-year-old Rashid Ibrahim was shot and killed October 10 in north Des Moines.

“We believe it was a narcotics transaction and it was basically a drug deal that went bad,” said Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Police also think they know who was behind the murder. Adding to two 18-year-olds, Gregory Hampton and Adam Ismail, who are already charged with first-degree murder, two more teens on Monday, Jackson Calaway, 16, and Rodney Brown Jr., 17, face the same charges two weeks after Ibrahim`s death.

“Rodney Brown Jr. was hiding in an apartment on the east side. 3500 block of East Douglas,” said Parizek.

Police said tracking down Calaway was unusual because Monday morning he was exactly where all teens should be.

“He actually went to school today and he was spotted inside the school at North and ran from the school resource officer. We were able to catch him on foot outside the building,” said Parizek.

Police said the four suspects charged with murder may not be enough.

“This isn`t over. The investigation is still ongoing, and I fully expect we will make more arrests and you`ll see some movement here in the next few days,” said Parizek.

Like Calaway and Brown, police believe family members may be helping other suspects hide.

“Family and friends think they are doing someone a favor by hiding them out, but all they are doing is making it worse and prolonging the inevitable,” said Parizek.

It is justice for violence that communities which used to remain tight-lipped about are now beginning to back police.

“As the community comes together and realizes we are fighting the same fight, we are going to see more progress of getting juveniles out of the path that leads to crime,” said Parizek.

Both juveniles will be waived to adult court. Des Moines has had 13 homicide so far in 2019. That is the same total of homicides as all of last year.


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