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An Iowa school was placed on lockdown Monday morning following a police chase.

The chase started around 7:15 A.M. when a Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer noticed a car driving 103 mph near the town of Slifer in Webster County.

The driver took off, reaching speeds of 137 miles an hour.

Officers called off the chase when the driver entered Jefferson around 7:35 a.m.

Officers lost track of the car and put Jefferson Scranton Elementary on lockdown for about an hour.

Two minors have been taken into custody in connection with the chase.

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Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers usually deal with commercial traffic.

You've probably seen them at weigh stations, or pulling over semis.

It's far from their only duty.

"We have the same job every other police officer does,” said Officer William Perez.

When Officer Perez clocked a vehicle speeding by at 103 miles per hour while on patrol in Webster County, he didn't hesitate to step on the gas himself.

"At the rate he was going, I wanted to take a minute or two to catch up and let him see my lights and sirens,” said Perez.

Speeding into Jefferson at over 100 miles per hour, any wrong move could have been his last. His training kicked in.

“I was just trying to relax, stay calm, remember what I learned at the academy, and take it one step at a time,” Perez told Channel 13 News.

When the chase neared main streets and Jefferson Scranton Elementary School, one of those steps was to back off.

“It's a small town and I knew school was about to start. For the safety of the public, I slowed way down,” said Perez.

When Perez slowed down, so did the car he was chasing. Police say two teenagers were inside.

Their vehicle was soon spotted outside of a home on North Olive Ave.

They were arrested and Perez could finally breathe easy.

"I walked away for a little bit and kind of just shook it off. At that point, I started to relax. Until he's caught, it's still an issue,” said Perez.

This wasn't Officer Perez's first high speed chase.

Last year, he tracked down a motorcycle rider that was clocked going 187 miles per hour in Fort Dodge.

That chase also ended with an arrest and nobody injured.

As for the teens involved in this chase, police are still finalizing the charges against them.


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