DES MOINES – The 10th annual Superhero Heart Run on Sunday brought out hundreds to support families and children with congenital heart disease.

Around 1 in every 100 children are born with CHD. The Superhero Heart Run supports the non profit organization Heart Heroes which helps raise money to support children and families with CHD.

Pam Laleman’s son Wes was born with congenital heart disease. Laleman said that congenital heart disease has no simple fix.

“The interesting thing about CHD’s is its not a one time fix these kids for the rest of their lives will have open heart surgeries and procedures and will be poked our son has to go almost weekly for his blood to be drawn so these guys are tough little guys and very brave for what they do.” Laleman said.

To learn more about the Superhero Heart Run and how you can support children and families with CHD visit Heart Heroes’ website.