DES MOINES, IOWA — A Frost Advisory is in place for much of Iowa into Wednesday morning. All of Iowa north of I-80 can expect temperatures cold enough for frost, as well as all of Southeast Iowa and areas as far southwest as Greenfield and Winterset.

Lows will be well into the 30s throughout the state, with much of northern Iowa dipping to the freezing point or even colder.

Sensitive vegetation should be covered to prevent damage or loss, and in areas north of Highway 30, it may not be a bad idea to pull potted plants indoors with sub-freezing temperatures possible.

Temperatures will remain cool Wednesday night as well, with much of the northern half of the state once again into the 30s.

Heading into the end of the week and the weekend, temperatures will moderate, with highs reaching back into the 70s, and overnight lows staying warmer.

The frost is right on schedule for most of Northern Iowa. Average first frost dates north of Highway 30 run from around September 24 through the 29th, according to the National Weather Service. In Des Moines, the average first frost is between September 30 and October 2.