VAN METER, Iowa — This Memorial Day required a little planning for the Iowa Veterans Department, which runs the Iowa Veteran’s Cemetery. Due to COVID-19 leaders felt they could not invite a crowd out for an event, but they felt an event should still go on which would honor those who lost their lives serving our country.

“I know that we cannot be together physically but I know that all of us are together in heart and mind to be able to honor all of our fallen men and women who died in service of our country,” said Allen Adams, the Mayor of Van Meter.

The ceremony involved a handful of people, but it was sent to the world, via Facebook Live.

“While we all have to undergo certain hardships, at this time we could draw strength from past generations, and the extraordinary hardship many of them endured,” said Steve Lukan, Director of the Iowa Deaprtment of Veterans Affairs. “While we may have to stay distance from friends and family at this time we can think of those who have spent time in prison of war camps or spend time yours in some cases overseas away from friends and family.”

Lukan and Adams laid a wreath at the Heros Serving in the War on Terrorism, and taps was played by Ben Adams.

“We just want to thank everybody, think our staff who worked hard to put together I think our crew out here made the grounds look wonderful,” said Lukan. ” We want to thank the people who participated online today.”

“Our small town canceled the regular Memorial Day military celebration that they had been doing it forever because of this panic thing that’s going on,” said Jimmy Boll, of Dallas Center. “So, I’ve been visiting cemeteries and I decided that I was going to Van Meter anyway to a family cemetery and I would just stop at the Veteran’s Cemetery.”