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TOKYO — At 2,080-feet the Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world. The elevator ride just two-thirds the way up is an experience in itself.
At the top, 360-degree views show off the most populated metro in the world.

“My recommended view is sunset at Tokyo from Tokyo Skytree,” says Masa Yamato, Tokyo Skytree PR team manager.

Built in 2012, the tower has two observation decks and is equipped with seismic proofing that can absorb 50% of an earthquake’s energy.

If 400 meters isn’t high enough, the Skytree will test just how high you can go. Yamato says, “You can enjoy the different view every day and depending of the season.”
More unique views encourage visitors to look down. “There’s a glass place, that you can look through the glass window. It’s very scary place,” says Mari Hirata, with Tokyo City Tourism.

The height also serves a purpose as it is the main broadcast tower for tv and radio for the region.

For nine years it has left over 40 million visitors with a sense of wonder. Yamato says, “Most of the visitors are from China and second is the United States of America.” 

Always looking to blend past and future, a new wish tree display encourages visitors to write down their dreams. A true beacon of technology, pride, and hope for a better tomorrow.

“When you go up you can feel the city from a very high view,” says Hirata.