It is a no bake sweet treat that’s easy enough for the kids to help make. WHO 13 Teammate Erin Cansler is normally behind the scenes, but she is stepping in front of the camera because of her love for this recipe.

— one pound almond bark, 1/2 cup peanut butter (crunchy or chunky, one cup Spanish peanuts, one and a half cups mini marshmallows. two cups crispy rice cereal, maraschino cherries (drained and halved or quartered)
— Microwave safe bowl, mixing spoon/spatula, wax paper
— melt almond bark (check every one to two minutes so it doesn’t burn)
— add peanut butter, Spanish peanuts, crispy rice cereal, mallows
— stir well to coat evenly
— drop by spoonful onto wax paper and add cherry to top
— first cut cherries so they are ready
— then put your peanut butter, Spanish peanuts, crispy rice cereal, mallows in a bowl together so they’re ready to add immediately to melting bark
 –they dry quick so drop a dozen cookies at a time and add the cherries so the cherries are part of the drying
— you can make these as bars instead of cookies by pressing the wet mix into a buttered 8×12 baking dish and adding the cherries. Make sure its dry before you cut squares out