With the new year in full swing, many people choose to participate in “Dry January”, avoiding alcohol to kick off their new year on a healthy note. Ashley Stien is here to share 3 tasty and simple mocktails you can try at home.

  1. Virgin Cranberry Sangria
          3 cups cranberry juice
          Juice of 1 orange
          1 can sparkling water or club soda (use a cranberry or berry flavored sparkling water to drive home the berry flavor in the sangria)
          1 orange, sliced
          1 apple, sliced
          1/3 c. frozen cranberries (optional)

          Mix all ingredients except sparkling water in a pitcher and store in refrigerator. At serving time, pour into glasses over ice, and top each glass with ¼ can sparkling water. (You can also pour the entire can into pitcher right before serving). Garnish with orange slice. Serves 4.

  2.     Fruity Ginger Kombucha Mocktail

          ½ bottle ginger kombucha
          ½ cup fruit juice of your choice (I recommend low sugar cranberry or pomegranate juice)

          Fill glass of ice halfway with kombucha (less, if you prefer sweeter. More, if you prefer more tart.) Fill glass the rest of the way up with fruit juice.

  3. Shirley Temple

    1 oz grenadine or maraschino cherry juice
    1 oz lime juice
    ½ can gingerale or ginger beer

    Combine all ingredients in glass over ice. Garnish with maraschino