Bridal Bootcamp Helps Brides Ready for Their Big Day

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Whether your wedding is six weeks or six months away, F45 Training in Johnston can help any bride reach her goal to look and feel her very best, and have fun doing it!

Owner Don Enright and Trainer Liz Brandenburg shares what F45 Training is and details on the Bridal Bootcamp.

You can text HELLOIOWA to 515-575-4030 for more information about the Bridal Bootcamp.

F45 Training has great events coming up for anyone, not just for brides! The six-week F45 Challenge starts October 26th and runs through December 9th. It’s free for members or you can get a challenge membership. You’ll get free InBody scans at the beginning and end, a free Lionheart heart rate monitor, and tons of help with nutrition guidance along the way.

Learn more on F45 Training’s website.


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