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Broadcasts to occur 7 days a week between 3:30 AM and 4:00 AM

Nexstar Partners with BMI in Association with Production Services of Belmont University

Will Showcase a New Series Featuring the Star-Spangled Banner Performed by BMI’s Talented Songwriters

Beginning Oct. 1, WHO Channel 13 will begin the daily broadcast of the U.S. National Anthem performed by emerging artists.  The Anthem will mark the beginning and end of the broadcast day. WHO-HD’s parent company, Nexstar Media Group, is working with Broadcast Music Inc. and Belmont University’s Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business to produce the series which features emerging singers and songwriters.

 “Nexstar’s core mission is to provide exceptional service to the local communities where we operate across America through our organization-wide commitment to localism, unbiased local broadcast journalism and telling the local stories that matter to our viewers and their families,” stated Tim Busch, president of Nexstar Broadcasting.

“Nexstar’s local teams take great pride in their ability to bring the local communities they serve together and that is why we are excited to partner with BMI and Belmont University to broadcast this new daily series featuring the Star-Spangled Banner that will air 365 days of each year,” Busch said. “This unique collaboration supports higher education in business for the music and entertainment industry, while providing aspiring professional artists and songwriters a national distribution platform to showcase their respective talents. We look forward to returning the time-honored tradition of including the National Anthem in our stations’ broadcasts with this new partnership.”

Songwriters that have been featured include Nashville-based Brian Sutherland, Texas native Kristen Kelly, and 2018 American Idol contestant Julia Cole.

“This unique partnership gives BMI’s songwriters a wonderful platform to showcase their vocal talent to viewers across the country,” said Dan Spears, VP, industry relations, at BMI. “We’re thrilled that Belmont University’s Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business has generously provided its state-of-the-art recording studio as well. I’m looking forward to hearing how our songwriters perform their own special rendition of one of the nation’s most beloved patriotic songs.”