Contest Troubleshooting & FAQ

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While the vast majority of our contest participants have no issues entering, here are remedies for common user issues we are aware of.

If you cannot enter from the 13Now app on your phone, got to on your phone’s browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and navigate to “Contests.”

With our contest interface, you no longer need a password.  Just enter your email address and contest clue and click “continue.” If we need more information to complete your entry, it will be displayed here.  Complete the required fields and then click “enter”.  You will receive the message “Your Entry has been received” when you are done.

Where do I enter my email address and contest clue?
If you can not see the box below, you will not be able to enter.

If you cannot see this box, the issue is likely your internet browser. Only the latest browser versions are working with the contest tool.

Try these steps to work through this issue:

1a. If you have a fairly new smart phone (last couple of years), try entering with that.

1b. If that’s not successful, try installing/updating Chrome on your smart phone and entering with that.

2a. If you have a tablet, try entering with that.

2b. If not successful on your tablet, try installing/updating Chrome on your tablet and entering with that.

3.  If none of the above work or are not an option, install a 2nd browser on your PC.  Browsers we would recommend are Google Chrome* or Mozilla Firefox.*

*Install at your own risk.  We take no liability for the installation of software on your computer.

Once your browser is updated, you should be able to see the entry box.

If you still cannot see the entry box, delete all temporary files, cookies and your internet cache.  Then, reboot your computer and try again.

Why do I receive a message saying I’m not eligible?
This is likely because your browser got bad data.  Clear/delete the temporary files, cached data and files,  and cookies in your browser. This process is different in every browser but is normally accessed under “settings”.

Why do I receive a message regarding my birthday or birth date?
This issue is usually resolved by clearing/deleting the temporary files, cached data and files,  and cookies in your browser. This process is different in every browser but is normally accessed under “settings”.

If you’re having difficulty entering your birthday with an android phone, please watch this video to learn how to do it:

Data pix.

Why does the entry box say "the round doesn't' start until..." or "the round has already occurred"?
The contest application utilizes your system clock to determine date and time. Make sure the time and date on your device are current.

How are winners notified?
Winners are contacted by email  If we don’t hear from them, we’ll send a 2nd email.  If those attempts fail, we’ll call.

Why isn't my county included as an eligible county?
Since this contest involves a forced-viewing component, we are restricted to the designated television area referred to as the Designated Market Area (DMA). That area includes 35 counties  Even though viewers can see our signal in other Iowa counties,we are restricted to those 35 counties.

What if I have issues or questions?
Contact us here.


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