Recently some of our viewers have had their TV audio hijacked to a different audio stream on WHO 13.  We were mandated to bring up this secondary channel to convey emergency information to the sight impaired public. One of the side effects, for some of you, has been that you may have been listening to this secondary audio channel without knowing it.  When there aren’t any warnings, school closings, or special audio from NBC such as Spanish language during football or descriptive audio during some shows, we transmit our normal audio on this channel.  Then, when one of these conditions are present you will hear something other than the normal audio program.

Since all TVs are different, with different menu selections and different remote controls, trying to tell you exactly how to fix the problem isn’t possible, but we will try to give you a few hints that should take care of the issue…

First look at your TV remote control to see if there is a button labeled either SAP or MTS.  If so, push that button and change the selection to main, 1-1, or English.

If your remote doesn’t have either of those buttons you will need to go into the menu system on the TV.  You will be looking for the audio setup section, you will again be looking for something labeled MTS, SAP, multi-channel sound, second language or maybe even a selection that says Spanish or French.  Depending on the menu selections available you will want to select “main, English, 1-1” or perhaps something entirely different.

As a last resort, if you can’t figure out a menu setting or if the TV won’t let you change to the desired choice, you may have to rescan the channels on your TV.  To completely clear the memory, disconnect your antenna from the TV, go into the menu system and look for the channel setup menu.  Scan the channels, which with the antenna disconnected will wipe the memory.  Reconnect the antenna and scan again.  This now should force the TV to go directly to the main audio channel.

If all else fails please call us here at WHO 13 at 515-242-3500 and select 7 for the technical department.