VEISHEA Sign Sparks Talk of Comeback for the Cancelled ISU Celebration


AMES, Iowa — The sign began showing up at football games. Then later, in Hilton Coliseum for basketball. The sign reads “Bring Back VEISHEA.”

The celebration was last held in 2014, it was cancelled after a series of after hours incidents.

“Tyler was making couple signs for the Texas football game, and I kind a want to join in, I figured making a sign that said bring back VEISHEA would be a popular one so at 2 AM I made it,” said Sophomore Aaron Born, of Pella.  “It’s to celebrate Iowa State history and all their traditions here, to showcase our clubs in our majors.”

Other than one usher at a football game, the sign has been on display without problems. Aaron had a hard time getting the sign on the big screen, or ESPN.

“Every time they show the sign, it kind of zooms right off,” said Born.

“I feel like every person is different and every group of students is different,” said Kathryn Metz, an ISU Sophomore from Brooklyn. “I feel like we want it back so bad that we would try to kind of like just you know not to do those things, there’s always those group of people we’re going to ruin it for others.”

“Like there’s not one person on campus you could talk to and wouldn’t know what VEISHEA is and wouldn’t want to bring it back for all the good reasons,” said Taylor Brenza, a sophomore from Illinois.

In a statement from Iowa State University, spokesperson Angie Hunt said “The University does not plan to bring back VEISHEA.”

“I would also add that some VEISHEA traditions have been incorporated into other events,” said Hunt. “For example, the parade is now part of Iowa State’s homecoming celebration, and the College of Human Sciences still holds its annual cherry pie sale during Human Sciences Week in the fall.”

Hunt added that colleges and student organizations are creating and hosting new events as a way to engage the campus and the community.


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