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GILBERT, Iowa — Three sisters who grew up near Gilbert are on a mission to keep people warm in this January-like cold weather.

The 3 Sisters Non-Profit sews ponchos to give to agencies serving infants, wheelchair users and even cancer patients. The idea is a poncho is easier to put on, so for tiny infants, they can be strapped in car seat without bulky coats, making them safer.

“I had a brand new grandbaby and saw the car seat ponchos and decided I would make some,” said Karol Hodson, from near Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I sent the sisters a picture, and Barb looked at it and said ‘that’s really cool, we need to do something with this.’”

“I lost my stepdaughter in December 2015. She passed away and I knew there was something I wanted to do but I just wasn’t sure what it was.” said Barbara Goldsby of Littleton, Colorado. “I approached the two sisters and said what if we were to take this idea and start making these ponchos to donate to others in need.”

All three women grew up together in a farmhouse near Gilbert. They learned to sew at a young age.

“Our mother taught us to sew all young before we went through sewing at school. We all learned on a treadle sewing machine,” said Joanne Isenhart, who lives near Gilbert.

The three formed the 3 Sisters Non-Profit, sewing and donating ponchos to women’s shelters and other agencies in need. This week the group donated to Friendship Ark, an agency in Ames that helps with day trips for home-bound adults. The group also donated to the new Martha’s House of Hope.

“Martha’s House of Hope is here for expectant moms who have no where to go,” said Missy Sanow, director of the Martha’s House of Hope. “This is a place where they can come and feel loved and build a relationship with her new baby.”

The group has donated $30,000 and over 1,000 items in the three years they have been doing this.

They also sell some ponchos to raise funds to buy more materials. The 3 Sisters Non-Profit is planning a fundraiser open house Sunday, Nov, 17.

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