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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — A Marshalltown business is in clean up mode after thieves broke in Sunday, July 28th.

Burglars took more than eight thousand dollars worth of equipment – including Bose speakers, PlayStation systems and video games.

It’s the second time in months the store was broken into.

“Since the tornado we’ve lost a lot of lighting downtown.  Our back alley has been dark and we have vacant buildings on both side of us .. due to the tornado. So there’s not activity, ” says John Blabaum, co-owner of Odds & Ends, “There’s not people around, there’s no lights in those buildings and security lights and systems we keep putting up keep getting taken out.”

Police have yet to find the person or people responsible, but Blabaum says there was one thing in common during both burglaries.

“The first thing they did was steal the security system. Its motion activated. If you don`t get in front of it, it doesn`t activate. As soon as you unplug it, it disables everything else and so any alarms I`d get on my phone app they were disabled,” Blabaum says.

While the thieves roam free with thousands of dollars in merchandise, it’s not stopping employees from doing what they love.

“I don`t want to forget about it because I want to catch these people but I do want to forget about it and just go back to selling records and video games,” says Blabaum.