DMACC Newton to Add Baking and Pastry Arts to Culinary Institute


NEWTON, Iowa — Des Moines Area Community College has announced it will begin a new program in the culinary area for baking and pastry arts.

The degree program will be in addition to a two-year culinary arts program already running.

“We’re also seeing a lot of students with the whole foods movement and local-sourced. They want that training to be able to do their own thing. They have a real entrepreneurial spirit,” said Joe DeHart, DMACC Newton campus provost.

“They’re wanting less and less to have preservatives and chemical additives and those types of things, so there’s been a large move toward scratch baking,” said Ryan Binney, DMACC Newton chef instructor. “We’ll go through and bake all different types of breads from around the world.”

Binney said students would take six core courses to get them what they need to know about baking.

“There’s a big difference between cooking and baking, and baking is definitely much more on the math and science,” said Binney. “Students who have already taken the culinary diploma or the associate degree can come back and take these six labs and then have a dual diploma.”

“I would like to have my own business, either a nonprofit or a regular business,” said student Justin Mitchell of Newton. “I really enjoy helping out the Veteran’s Administration because I’m a Navy veteran myself.”

“I would like to be a chef or a cook at an inn or something small like that,” said Aidan Flanders, a DMACC student from Knoxville. “I’m really excited about the baking program because I’m more naturally geared toward the cooking part of it, so I need for that part to be strengthened.”

The formal coursework on the new program begins next fall.


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