Adel Plans Future as City Continues Growth


ADEL, Iowa — Adel is thinking about the future, and they are getting some help from a group of graduate students at Iowa State University. The students are looking at how the downtown area of the Dallas County Seat can be enhanced.

“We were approached by a graduate class from Iowa State University to come in and sort of zoom into downtown and really take more of a closer look on what could happen in downtown,” said Deb Bengtson, Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce president. “The city of Adel is updating their comprehensive plan, which has been a year-long process.”

The students will look at the community amenities, the Raccoon River, the Raccoon River Valley Trail, and how things could be enhanced.

“They’re looking at Rapids Street to the river, all the way to Highway 6 and all the way to 10th Street,” said Bengtson. “So it encompasses housing, it encompasses business, and green space is looking at how we can make this whole area more inviting.”

A big driver for Adel is a growing population.

“In the last five years, we’ve seen over 800 new homes in being constructed in Adel,” said Bengtson. “We have seen tremendous residential growth. We’re just now starting to reap the benefits commercially.”

The chamber is also working on enhancing the Raccoon River Valley Trail over the Raccoon River. Next spring LED lighting will enhance the bridge along with some other improvements. It’s part of a $125,000 project the chamber conducted.

The ideas presented by Iowa State will be for consideration over the next 20 years.


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