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DES MOINES, Iowa — How Sophie’s story begins is nothing short of heartbreaking.  It’s a good thing her story doesn’t end there. The Animal Rescue League made sure of it.

“You would never know her background that she suffered such trauma because she does not act like that,” said ARL Development Director Stephanie Filer.

The fluffy cat used up more than a few of her nine lives.  Sophie came to the ARL in May after Des Moines police say her owner tried to kill her.  First by stabbing her, then by drowning her.

The little cat had three stab wounds in the back, shoulder, and neck.  One of those wounds narrowly missed her spine.

“Her case is definitely rare, but it definitely happens,” said ARL veterinarian Dr. Millie Cates.

The emergency care team stitched her up then nursed the sweet survivor back to health.

“She is doing fantastic. She is such a trooper. She has a great spirit,” said Cates.

Now that her fur has grown back and covers most of her scars, Sophie is ready to leave her horrible past behind.

“She wants to just be loved and be pet and have attention, and she is just a perfect cat,” said Filer.

One deserving of a future filled with nothing but love.

Sophie’s previous owners are both facing criminal charges.  By the way, the officer who responded to the 911 call wants to adopt Sophie. Check out all the other cats and dogs ready to be adopted at

Don’t forget, you can catch NBC’s “Clear The Shelters” special this Saturday at 7:30 AM.

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