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DE SOTO, Iowa — For one month every summer, hundreds of animal shelters across the country join forces to give pets the second chance they deserve.

In many ways, the pandemic played a role in helping to clear the shelters.  Shelters reported adoption rates increased during the lockdown, but not all of those matches lasted.

“We’re full.  We’re beyond full,” said Amy Heinz from AHeinz57 Pet Rescue.

The pandemic pet adoption trend helped make some room at AHeinz57, but any open space has long been filled.

“It was such a great thing, but we knew this was going to happen,” she explained.

A few of the pets adopted during the pandemic are now back at the shelter. One of them is GoGo.  The tiny and timid Chihuahua mix’s forever home turned out to be temporary.

“It’s sad that she had to come back because you’re a good girl,” said Heinz.

It’s called pet regret.  More than one in three new pet owners are said to be suffering from some form of it. According to a poll by Innovet, more than 21% admit that seeing pets on social media prompted them to become pet owners. More than half admit they didn’t do any research before getting a pet and many worry they won’t be able provide adequate care for their pet now that they’re spending less time at home.

Heinz says she’s heard just about every excuse for bringing pets to the shelter.

“They’re moving, they’re aggressive,” she says the list goes on.

Whatever the reason, the animals are always welcome whether for the first or second time.

The month-long Clear the Shelters campaign wraps up on Sept. 19.  You’ll find more information about GoGo and all the other pets available for adoptions at