Clear the Shelters: Dolly the Horse

Clear The Shelters

DES MOINES, Iowa — If it has fur, feathers, scales or hooves, you’ll find it at the Animal Rescue League. Most of us think of adopting dogs and cats, but farm animals can make good pets, too.

Meet Dolly.

“She’s such a sweetheart. We’ve done a lot with her,” said horse trainer Emily Scholtec.

Dolly has made herself at home at the Animal Rescue League’s Second Chance Ranch.  The horse came from another rescue in southern Iowa last November.  She was healthy for the most part but had trust issues after being shuffled around from owner to owner, then shelter to shelter.

“She’s kind of been through a lot and of course trusting people is not great after that.  So she didn’t even want anything to do with us and we had to just take it very slowly and just do everything on her terms to get her trust back,” explained Scholtec.

Dolly isn’t alone in the barn yard.

“We’ve taken in horses, goats, chickens, llamas, pigs, sheep, cows. Just about every barn animal you can imagine,” said Carrie Spain, the barn coordinator at Second Chance Ranch.

Some live on site at the ranch.  Others are in foster care.

“We get sad cases coming in that are hard to see, but knowing that we can help them get to a better place is always rewarding,” said Spain.

Dolly is one of those cases.

“I think that she’ll be a really special horse for someone,” said Scholtec.

Of course, not everyone has room at home for a horse.  If you think you can care for Dolly or one of the other animals at Second Chance Ranch, make sure to fill out an application and help us “Clear the Shelters” in central Iowa.  You’ll find a link here.


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