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DES MOINES, Iowa — NBC’s Clear the Shelters campaign is back this year. For the next month, WHO 13 News will be featuring pets in local animal shelters and rescues that are in need of a good home.

From rescuing animals from neglect to providing shelter for homeless pets, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa does it all.

“Her full name is Barbara P. I think it fits her very well,” said ARL veterinarian Dr. Millie Cates.

The “P” just might stand for purrs.  Little Barbara the cat has a lot of them to give.

“She’s been really sweet to everybody.  She seems to like people,” said Cates.

She’ll cozy right up to those who nursed her back to the health at the ARL.  She isn’t shy of strangers either. Over the summer, animal control found Barbara with an embedded collar.  The sweet little stray had gotten her arm stuck in her collar which pulled it even tighter around her neck.

“Ever since we took that collar off, she has been very loving and very affectionate through the whole thing. That had to be a very painful process and it wasn’t something that just happened overnight,” explained Cates.

She arrived at the ARL in pain with deeps wounds on her neck and under one arm.  Her injuries were caught just in time.  Any longer and she would have lost her arm.

“We’re always taking animals in, responding to rescues, so there’s always a lot of animals coming through our doors,” said Heather Deal, ARL Design and Marketing Manager.

While it’s been an especially busy summer at the ARL, it’s only a matter of time until Barbara P is heading out the door.  You can bet she will be purring all the way to her new home.

“What a happy ending.  I can’t think of anything better than her going off and making somebody really happy,” said Cates.

Barbara is one of the many cats and animals available for adoptions.  Just head to arl-iowa@org for more information.