ERIN OFF CAMERA: The “Old Guy”, The “New Guy” & A Total Jerk!

Bachman Retires
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Hello friends!  Happy Monday.  I am exhausted.  How about you?

The “Old Guy”

Part of my fatigue is due to last week being so eventful.  Election nights are always fun, but afterward we are all dragging.  On the heels of hours of live coverage, many of us were working on stories about John Bachman, and feeling a little emotional about him saying “goodbye”.  It all adds up to feeling pretty pooped.  People keep asking me, “Why is John retiring?  Is he even old enough to retire?!?”  We like to give JB a hard time about being old, but it’s really just that we’re all jealous about how stinking good he looks.  I’ve never known anyone who gets better looking like this.  What the heck?!?!  Anyway – you can still see the “old guy” this week during the six o’clock news.  John’s sharing really interesting tidbits about big interviews he’s done over the years. 

The “New Guy”

Most of you know that Dan Winters is taking over for John.  It really is a seamless transition.  Dan’s been filling in for JB for the past several years so today I said, “Don’t be nervous – just think of it as one of JB’s long stretches of vacation!”  I know it’s hard not be nervous, but Dan is great.  We’ve been friends a long time and he is one of the smartest, funniest, wittiest people I know.  You can trust Dan to be thorough and fair.  He’s also a very talented reporter and I think that makes someone a better anchor.  So – welcome the “new guy” who really isn’t!

A Total Jerk

From two lovely gentlemen to a complete idiot … Last week I received a ranting, raving voice mail that went on for several minutes.  The guy said something like, “Yeah, MIZZZZ Kiernan – I just heard you doing some ad on the radio for a story ya’ll are doing on civility.  I just wanted to call and say I think that’s total BULLL S*#T after all the money you people made on negative ads for the election.  I mean – how dare you do a story like this?!?  What hypocrites you people are – making all that money and you’re gonna get a bonus.  That’s BULL S*#T!”

I’d like to make a few points about this.  First – it was not me doing a radio ad, it was not me doing a story on civility and the story was not airing on Channel 13.  It was Lynn Melling on Fox 17.  Second – really?!?  You’re calling to tell us we’re in the wrong for doing a story on civility and you swear and call me names?!?  That’s priceless.  Third – grow up.  If you’re going to go to the trouble of calling me, leave your name and number.

Have a great week!



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