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With both the European Union and the United Kingdom set to ban internal-combustion engines next decade, Caterham, like most automakers that primarily operate in those regions, is preparing for an EV future.

That future will include an electric version of the iconic Seven track car, plus a more mainstream open-top sports car, according to Caterham CEO Bob Laishley in an interview with Autocar.

The new sports car is reportedly the desire of Kazuho Takahashi, a former racing driver whose vehicle distribution company in Japan, VT Holdings, acquired Caterham in 2021.

In his interview with Autocar, Laishley described the sports car as being “prettier and more modern” than the Seven, but with the same type of steel space-frame construction. He also said the car would stick to Caterham’s qualities of lightness and simplicity, pointing out that the body would be either aluminum or carbon fiber.

Caterham came close to launching a mainstream sports car last decade. It was developing its own sports car alongside the mid-engine Alpine A110, though ultimately pulled the plug on the project in 2014.

Autocar predicts the new electric sports car could arrive around 2026.

The electric Seven would arrive much later. In his interview with Autocar, Laishley said no one has asked for an electric Seven, and that current EV technology was still too heavy for a car like the Seven.

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