Zach Fisher

13 fascinating facts about Zach

  1. I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan (unfortunately). The highlight of my fandom is when my Dad and I went to the Saints-Vikings Playoff game in 2017 otherwise coined as the “Minneapolis Miracle”. I was sitting in a section in the endzone where Stefon Diggs scored the walk off touchdown.
  2. I have a 2-year-old beagle named Beau who is spoiled rotten.
  3. I am the oldest of three siblings, my brother Nick and my sister Sami. My parents, Chris and Sandy, are originally from Iowa and have lived here their whole lives besides the past 12 years. All four of them currently live in Kansas City. A sidenote: my parents are WHO 13 superfans and they love that I am working for their favorite station. They don’t miss a broadcast.
  4. I went to the University of Kansas, Rock Chalk, but I am a Hawkeye fan at heart. So I have two different angles of dislike for the Cyclones.
  5. I was born in Des Moines and I attended Waukee Elementary school until I was in 4th grade. All of my family is from the state so it is great to be back in the place where I grew up to share the stories of my home state.
  6. I am a huge fisherman (ironic with my last name) and I am always looking for new bodies of water to fish in. I love fishing for largemouth bass but I will reel in anything that has scales and lives in the water.
  7. While I was at the University of Kansas I covered sports. So I had the opportunity to go to the Final Four in San Antonio in 2018 to watch the Jayhawks get absolutely smoked by Villanova. I also covered the team in Salt Lake City in the 2019 March Madness Tournament.
  8. During my time in St. Joseph, MO, Missouri Western State University hosted the Kansas City Chiefs training camp the year they won the Super Bowl. I remember vividly purchasing a copy of Madden 20 with Patrick Mahomes on the cover, only to walk by him on the school’s campus after he just got a plate of food after camp that day.
  9.  I realized my love for journalism after I got cut from the basketball team my sophomore year of high school. I would commentate all of the basketball games and anchor the school news several times a week. Blessings come when you least expect it!
  10. I’m very big into acting. During high school I was the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” and Donkey in “Shrek the Musical”. I also won a state championship my senior year in improvised acting. 
  11. I am a big golfer but I am terrible at it. I used to work as a maintenance crew member over summers during college, so I admire the mowing jobs and not my swing.
  12. My favorite music genres are country and rap. When I am in the car you can bet that one of those playlists are playing.
  13. My minor in college was Political Science as the topic interests me a lot. I have been obsessed with politics for around a decade and I am so excited that I will be covering the statehouse for all those across the state.

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