Melody Mercado

13 Interested Facts About Melody Mercado

  1. I went to Bradley University for my undergraduate degree in journalism, followed by DePaul University for my Master’s Degree which is also in journalism.
  2. I am a former NCAA Division I student-athlete. I ran cross country and track for Bradley University and to this day I credit racing/training for my dedication and perseverance in everything I do. Still, my favorite activity is going out for a relaxing 10 mile run.
  3. One of my favorite meals is bibim-naengmyeon, which is a spicy cold noodle dish from Korea.
  4. Chance the Rapper is my all-time favorite music artist. Before he blew up in the mainstream media, I saw him at Bradley University for free on the quad during welcome week freshman year.
  5. I’m Puerto Rican. My parents are high school sweethearts and moved to Chicago after getting married on the island.
  6. I constantly have an inner monologue. Basically, every day I host SNL in my brain.
  7. I love FOIAs and court documents. Researching is a major strength of mine and something I spent the majority of grad school doing.
  8. During undergrad I worked at Biaggis. To this day I can recite almost everything on the menu with the majority of ingredients. For example: The meatballs are made of three different meats. They are beef, pork, and veal – and yes they are gluten free thanks to the sofrito mix which is made with cranberries that helps bind the meat together in the absence of bread crumbs.
  9. I have seen every episode of The Office.
  10. My favorite city in the country is Chicago. There is nothing that compares to patio season in the Loop.
  11. I have wanted to be a reporter ever since I was in middle school. Growing up I never saw people that looked like me reporting the news, which is why I take great value in speaking with minority students about the opportunities available to them in news.
  12. Both of my younger siblings are in the military.
  13. Hablo un poco de espanol, pero entiendo todo.

Melody Mercado joined WHO-TV in August 2019, after graduating from DePaul University with a Master’s Degree in journalism. She previously attended Bradley University and graduated in 2017 – also with a degree in journalism.
During Melody’s time at DePaul she worked as a reporter and anchor on DePaul’s Weekly Newscast Good Day DePaul. Melody was also an associate editor for 14 East Magazine where helped curate long form, local Chicago journalism.
During her time in graduate school, Melody was also a media relations specialist for Tassi Communications representing multiple campaigns for clients such as Ford Motor Company, Bank of America, and McHugh Construction.
Melody likes to cover business, politics, and local government. She acquired a love for FOIAs after being accepted into the Center for Journalism Integrity And Excellence where she was mentored by media veterans Carol Marin and Don Moseley.
If you have story ideas or news tips you can contact her on social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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